Monday, July 18, 2011

MMM: Stop, Hatin' is Bad

Weekend before last I was in Hartford, Connecticut for a friend's wedding. After the eight-hour event ended, we swung by the couple's after party in their suite and were surprised to find a handful of folks still going strong despite the massive quantities of food and drink consumed during the cocktail/reception half of the event.

This after party had three self-appointed DJs who continually swapped their personal iPhone playlists into the speaker system trying to one up each other. One DJ in particular will be forever ingrained in our memories. Still rocking a gray suit complete with fully cinched purple tie (remember, he'd been wearing this since at least 2pm and it was now midnight!), he never even sat down his beer as he tossed DJ #1's phone aside, plugged in his own and cued up the following tune. He then proceeded to drunkenly shuffle over to join the ladies' Flip Cup team. Oh, what a night.

The next day I told myself I wouldn't make that song a Monday Mood Music selection, but I just can't get it out of my friggin' head! I now pass along my "you had to be there" moment, complete with musical accompaniment.

Party Rock Anthem 
LMFAO w/ Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock

I'm really digging the 28 Days Later spoof of the video. Fits really well with this catchy groove.

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  1. Everyday I'm shufflin.... The only song that I might be able to actually dance to successfully! After I first heard this song I noticed the CW network is using it to advertise their 2011 fall lineup. Here is the commercial primer that I keep seeing: Can't get the song out of my head!

  2. Such a damn catchy song! I haven't been tuning into the CW this summer, but I see this promo getting really old, really fast. I am excited to see more Nikita this fall.