Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daniel Day-Lewis vs. The Confederacy: Part I

Spielberg’s latest epic, Lincoln, expands to theaters nationwide today and reviewers are raving. It stars Daniel Day-Lewis and we all know the man is a phenomenal actor. It got me thinking; he’s so good in these weighty, dramatic roles, but has the man ever made a funny movie? Turns out, he has.

Tightly-wound Henderson Dores (Daniel Day-Lewis) moved from Britain to New York for his fiancee Melissa (Laurie Metcalf). In NYC he meets computer saleswoman, Irene Stein (Joan Cusack), and though his love for Melissa has faded, he’s still employed as an art buyer by her father. Henderson’s fortune is about to change because he’s being sent to Luxora Beach, Georgia to procure a rare Renoir painting thought lost. With Melissa’s daughter Bryant (Martha Plimpton) in tow, Henderson arrives at the less than stately manor of Loomis Gage (Harry Dean Stanton) who’s more than happy to sell. But his son Freeborn (Maury Chaykin) is anxious for Henderson to scram because he’s already made a side deal to sell the painting. Henderson just has to suffer the wrath of Gage’s children for a few days for the happy ending he thinks he has coming.


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