Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Huh, huh, you said "Poll" (11.04.08)

I sincerely hope you stargazers have gotten out and voted as ObaLincoln demanded. If you did, good for you. If not, you best get on that!

Speaking of voting, many many of you should be ashamed at not putting your two cents into my Ugly Betty Double Sexy Poll. Granted, many of you may not be fans of Ugly Betty, but it was the chance to search online for hottie images for a reason other than personal...satisfaction. Never the less the poll results were as follows:

Third Place:
Betty (America Ferrera), Alexis
(Rebecca Romijn) - 0 Votes each
Hilda (Ana Ortiz), Wilhelmina
(Vanessa Williams) - 1 Vote each

And the winner is:

Amanda (Becki Newton) - 3 Votes

She is so excited she won (though she always knew she was the prettiest). I can forgive Ferrera getting no love, but where were my fellas on the Romijn!?


Daniel (Eric Mabius), Henry (Christopher Gorham), Coach Tony (Eddie Cibrian) and Marc (Michael Urie) -
0 Votes each

And the winner is:
Gio (Freddy Rodriguez) - 3 Votes

He's doing backflips...on the inside.


With those two polls dying a cold and ugly death, I must ask my readers to vote on a new rejuvenated poll. In keeping with my mounting excitement over the upcoming Bond film
Quantum of Solace, I want to know who is your favorite Bond? I'm not including Barry Nelson or David Niven. This is just the major players, from Connery to Craig. Which of these six do you prefer to have in your sights?

The poll will be up until the release of the new film. Vote quickly!

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  1. woah! I am glad Gio and Amanda won! two of my favorite characters in Ugly Betty.

  2. I'm an Amanda fan. Can't wait to see her rooming with Betty on the new ep. So many women, my wife included, love Gio. He is a sexy-smooth operator no doubt.