Monday, November 10, 2008

MMM: License to Ill

Sorry stargazers, no Beastie Boys here this week. I didn't want to do another play on the whole, Bond...James Bond thing like last week.

As you all I know, I am more than a little excited about the opening of Quantum of Solace this Friday. That's only four friggin' days away! I am even more excited thanks to the film's official song. Why? Three reasons:

I love Alicia Keys. She is amazing.
I love Jack White. He is amazing.
I love Bond movies. This song captures that essence, well, amazingly.

If you haven't heard Keys and White's collabo on Another Way To Die, crawl out from under that rock and give it a listen:

I can hardly wait to see this song's accompanying title sequence. This duet gave me such a sigh of relief. Rumor has it, Beyonc
é Knowles was originally tapped to perform the new song, *shudder* She'd probably have wanted a part in the film, too. No thanks! We can do without another Madonna debacle.

Actually, If you're reading this Eon Productions and Ms. Broccoli, the next installment of Bond should feature a title song performed by the sexy, talented, international sensation Shakira. And if she wants a part, I'd have no complaints. Who's with me?

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  1. Role Models is getting mistaken for an Apatow film, but actually it's by the comedy troupe responsible for "The State," "Stella" and "Wet Hot American Summer" - which also starred Elizabeth Banks and Paul Rudd.

    Great movie, so absurd and hilarious.

  2. I saw Role Models Saturday. I'm hoping to get my review out tomorrow. Al four of the main guys are a trip!

  3. I think both artists have sounded better on their own, but I agree that Beyonce would have been a bad choice. Like you, RW, I can hardly wait to see the title sequence. Just a few more days...

  4. Many Bond films don't really sound awesome until you can match it to the title sequence and the mood of the movie. Only one more day!