Monday, November 17, 2008

MMM: I Know She Can Beat Them

There's been much ado about James Bond in the Monday Mood Music these past two weeks but it's time for a change.

I finally watched Cloverfield this weekend and a review is forthcoming. During the movie, I couldn't help but remember fondly my weekend afternoons watching old Godzilla movies on the fuzzy UHF channels.

It also reminded me of a great song that only gets radio play on my old college radio station, WKNC 88.1. Sadly, it's a station I never fully appreciated until my graduate years and one that I now cling to amid the onslaught of corporate radio. College radio, Cloverfield and Godzilla, however, really have little meaning in this song. At any rate here's the Flaming Lips with:

Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robots (Part 1)

Such a great song. Yoshimi may not have saved me from any rampaging robots or monsters, but the mellow melody drowns out Beyoncé's new Single Ladies that's been forcibly inserted into my brain.

Domo Yoshimi!

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