Monday, September 27, 2010

MMM: Amy Poehler Stole My Joke!!!

This weekend on the season premier of Saturday Night Live, Amy Poehler along with Maya Rudolph, used their skit Bronx Beat to address the over-hyped, banned Katy Perry/Elmo video. Before seeing this, I had toyed with the idea of posting same-said video today with the following intro:

"This Monday Mood Music has been brought to you 
by the number 32 and the letter D." 

However, in the skit Amy used my line, except she said "by the number 38 and the letter DD." Dangit! I'm actually quite pleased; it shows just how damn funny my joke was. Seriously, I had no intention of posting the Katy-Elmo video today, I'm just always looking for an excuse to ogle Ms. Perry's love pillows:

Now that I've got that outta the way, let's move on to the real Monday Mood Music selection. Last week marked the end of summer, but last week's 90+ temperatures made it hard to believe. Thankfully, the dry heat gave way to 70-80 degree weather and tons of rain yesterday. As a nice tribute to the end of one hot-ass summer, I've selected a song by the up-and-coming band, Chief. All I really know about these four guys is that they hail from New York and I really dig they're groove. Today's selection gives you a little taste of their folky rock and helps us say goodbye to summer.

Chief - Summer's Day

Now, I'm off to enjoy this cool, dreary day.


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  1. Bronx Beat is funny. I posted the video here:

  2. Katy should never change out of that shirt. Eventually, it will rip and tear and slowly whither away...and I won't have a problem with that, either. Jeezuz.

  3. @Film-Book: I love Bronx Beat. I was so glad Poehler got Maya Rudolph to come back for it.

    @Fletch: Me either. To quote Steve Martin from the painful Bringing Down the House - I looked at that picture a lot...