Thursday, October 25, 2007

Natalie, You are a Badass Bitch...

Hotel Chevalier
Film Short playing with
"The Darjeeling Limited"

Rated: R
13 minutes

Second Run Seats ($$)

It’s no shock to people who know me that I occasionally do things back asswards. Well viewing “Hotel Chevalier” is no exception. The sneak peek of “The Darjeeling Limited” didn’t include or ran without the short film, and while I thought I would have watched it long before now, iTunes and my Vista-handicapped PC had other notions.

After much finagling, I finally saw the much talked about “Hotel Chevalier” and Ms. Portman’s nude scene, and I must say, nyeh (the short, not the nudity). I don’t feel the short really added anything to the story of the “The Darjeeling Limited.” If anything, it sets you up for more confusion than necessary. As for seeing Natalie in the buff, it was nice but definitely over-hyped. I think I am still more aroused from seeing her don a sequined lavender thong that barely covers her jungle book and then execute a spread eagle split on the back of a plush purple couch.

In the end I must give mad props to Ms. Portman not for her work in this Wes Anderson short, but in an earlier short. If you haven’t seen it in a while, let the proof, as they say, be in the pudding.

Ms. Portman, I will always pay for your dry cleaning.

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