Friday, November 9, 2007

On the LAMB!

You heard it right Stargazers! Reel Whore has become the proverbial monkey, as it were, on the LAMB.

I guess I should clarify. Reel Whore has been invited to mount the prestigious LAMB, or Large Association of Movie Blogs which is, obviously, a directory of movie blogs. It's a one-stop shop for readers and bloggers to find out about the numerous movie blogs out on the internets. No more scouring the MyFace to search for alternate opinions to my reviews, you can just hop on the LAMB.

As for me being a monkey, those who know me know it to be all too true. Go West Young Readers - click, browse, and enjoy my fellow movie bloggers. Just remember the Reel Whore can be jealous and possessive so come back home lest you want to be pelted with feces!

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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