Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Repeat Bidness: Hot Fuzz

Release: 04/20/2007
DVD Release: 07/31 & 11/27/2007

2 hours, 1 minute
Rated R


Man, that's off the fucking chain!

The combined creative genius behind “Shaun of the Dead,” Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost reunite to wreak havoc and hilarity on the action genre. Pegg plays Nicholas Angel, a stellar police officer in the London Metropolitan Police Service. Angel is so good, in fact, that he is promoted to sergeant and then quickly reassigned to the rural village of Sandford. Angel finds his hard-nosed interpretation of the law to be at odds with the sleepy little town’s philosophy. Inspector Butterman, played by Jim Broadbent (Moulin Rouge!), repeatedly chides Angel to mellow out and stop trying to picture big-city crime in the little burb. Unable to switch off his internal police officer, Angel struggles to determine if he is indeed making mountains out of mole hills or if the town houses a deadly secret only he can see.

“Hot Fuzz” is a great homage to the myriad of police and vigilante action films produced by Hollywood over the last few decades. The story starts off somewhat slowly as it develops the straight-laced character of Angel, which Pegg plays to a T. Nick Frost portrays his bumbling partner, Danny Butterman, with great timing and on-point delivery. Once the two characters warm up to one another, a trusted relationship develops that is akin to some of the best buddy cop flicks. As they say, the beauty is in the details, and it is the minor aspects of Angel and Danny that will resonate with action fans and generate a wealth of humorous moments for all audiences. Both the “law breakers” and “villains” of Sandford are boisterous, brazen and hysterically appropriate.

Though it drags at first, the story of Angel and Danny picks up quickly and ends in a fevered frenzy of hilarity and carnage. The dialogue is quick and witty, though audiences less comfortable with English accents may need a second viewing to catch all the jokes. Heck, most folks will want a second viewing simply because it’s one of the few films well-written and well-executed enough to warrant audiences shilling for multiple screenings.

Dirty Undies
I expected a silly story with tons of flying bullets, car chases, explosions and the like.
“Hot Fuzz” does not disappoint in the least. “Fuzz” actually excels in the gore and violence quotient. Gallons of blood, bruises on top of bruises, and just plain gruesome incidents will have even the strongest stomachs turn a bit squeamish. No good cop flick can survive without a healthy dose of foul language and “Fuzz’ doesn’t disappoint. Nor does it disappoint with cameos. A couple of uncredited cameos that went right over my head but for those very, very observant, maybe you can pick up on them.

The Money Shot
In all honesty, “Hot Fuzz” is a film you really can’t get into too many details about without ruining a thoroughly enjoyable film for audiences. Silly, witty, graphic, action-packed, and flat-out hilarious are just a few of the words that describe “Hot Fuzz.” So before I lose my composure and start spewing the details, go see why the “Fuzz” is getting all the buzz.

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