Friday, December 28, 2007

Juno: The Cheese to your Macaroni


Release: 12/25/2007
Rated PG-13
1 hour, 32 minutes


Ellen Page (Hard Candy) stars as Juno MacGuff, a quirky sixteen-year-old student at Dancing Elk High School. Juno has always endeavored to set herself apart from the high school drones and, thanks to an afternoon with her best friend Paulie Bleeker, played by Michael Cera (Superbad), she is more different than ever from her classmates. Juno never planned to get pregnant, but since there’s never a DeLorean around when you need it, she has to decide what will be best for the two of them.

“Juno”, written by newcomer Diablo Cody, is as atypical as the story’s title character. Juno’s dialogue and that of her supporting cast is steeped in the parlance of our times, adding an air of truthiness to this modern fairytale. No coward to colloquialism, director Jason Reitman (of cleverly written “Thank You for Smoking” fame) creates a film that is funny, involving and endearing.

Cody and Reitman don’t deserve all the credit; surprisingly, all the actors do. I should rephrase; I never fretted that Page would be a dud having witnessed her skills in 2005’s “Hard Candy,” nor did I waver in my adoration of Michael Cera’s humorously matter-of-fact delivery and the continually unexpected talents of Jason Bateman (Smokin’ Aces). Heck, I even knew Allison Janney (Hairspray) and J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) rarely come to a set without packing the acting heat. But seeing Jennifer Garner give a tolerable performance demands kudos all around (granted, I am basing my opinion of her film skills on the likes of “Elektra” and “Catch and Release”). In all honesty, I thought the hype about the award-deserving performances was just that, with the exception of Page, but having seen “Juno” I stand corrected.

Dirty Undies
Let’s talk about legs. One of the early scenes shows off Page’s and Cera’s gams. But time and time again, the director revisits Cera’s smooth appendages. Don’t believe how attractive they are? Here’s a testimonial:

Despite having obvious sexual situations, “Juno” isn’t overly sexual, graphic, brutal, or harsh on the lobes. It’s really a film worth watching for its merit…and Cera’s thighs.

The Money Shot
Witty, eccentric, amusing; these are just a few words to describe “Juno.” Ellen Page will have you laughing and quoting dialogue for months. A lot happens in “Juno” and aficionados may not be satisfied with its conclusion, but if you and enough friends go see it, then you will have someone to talk about it with while you quote those great lines.

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  1. Agreed as well.

    Where do you watch movies at?

  2. Hello.
    Bianca told me about your blog. Very cool. We just came from seeing Juno. Cute but not super (in my opinion). So do you watch all these movies? This must be a busy time of year for you.
    Water Tower Aficionado

  3. Adam: I see the bulk of my films at sneak previews held around the area. Since I work in downtown Raleigh and live in Cary, I am lucky to find myself within 10 minutes of a couple of Regal cinemas, a couple of Consolidated Theatres, and 4-5 independent theaters. If for some reason I miss the chance to see something in theaters, it will inevitably find its way onto my ridiculously long Netflix queue.

    Water Tower Aficianado: Glad you came by and enjoyed yourself! I've seen everything reviewed and only the Gang Bang's are based solely on my opinions of the trailers and not actual viewings. This is a very busy time of year. I am still prepping my 2007 Year in Review eta mid-January. Be sure to come check it out.