Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Repeat Bidness: The Simpsons Movie

Release: 07/27/2007
DVD Release: 12/18/2007
1 hour, 27 minutes
Rated PG-13


Would it be too obvious to give a resounding “woo hoo!” or “exxxcellent?” How about I just say, “everything’s coming up Milhouse!”

After being a television mainstay for nearly two decades and having nearly every promotional item ever created bearing their image--from key chains to calendars to action figures to bedroom slippers--creator Matt Groening and company decided that the Simpsons were ready for the big screen.

With “The Simpsons Movie” out on DVD today, fans, both casual and devoted, are dying to know:

  • What is it all about?
  • Does everyone in Springfield make an appearance?
  • Which celebs make cameos?
  • Is it true Bart shows his dangle?
  • Is it as funny and random as the show tends to be?
  • Is it more vulgar than the show?
  • Does everything that appears in the commercial really happen in the movie?
  • Do any characters die?

And the list of questions goes on and on. Having the answers to all these burning questions, I would like to say (in my best impersonation of the disturbingly anorexic Brittany Murphy), “I’ll never tell!!!”

That’s right. Being an avid lover of Homer and the crew, you may be expecting me to gush over “The Simpsons Movie,”, but I’m not going to. Did I enjoy it? Heck yeah I did! That’s all you need to know. Trying to summarize the plot would just ruin some of the truly inspired moments from the film, and providing Dirty Undies would only spoil any rude and blasphemous comments that the characters make.

After enjoying over four hundred episodes--some inarguably great, some painfully bad (and usually starring Lisa)-- isn’t it worth your money to see the iconic American family on the big screen? If you don’t think it’s worth the price of admission, I’ll be praying to Jebus for your soul.

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  1. Hey there, saw you on LAMBS. Nice blog - so you're from the triangle of NC eh? What part exactly?

    Fellow blogger and friend Shea (of Shea of the dead) is in Charlotte and I myself am moving to Winston-Salem summer '08.

    Stop by the site - tell me what you think!

  2. Hey Adam, I just left a msg over your way but forgot a couple of things. I'm living in Cary, working in Raleigh, i.e. the Triangle area. What's bringing you to W-S in '08?

    Glad you liked the blog and hope you come visit often!