Friday, February 22, 2008

More Than A Mouthful (02.22.08)

Hello Stargazers! It's been a busy week for the Reel Whore; thanks to that pesky little annoyance I call work taking me out of town. Hectic schedule aside, I couldn't end the week without mentioning a few things to my readers.

- I know you are all well aware that the 80th Annual Academy Awards are this Sunday! I know you know this because everyone has been following the extensive daily coverage over on the LAMB, entitled The Lamb Devours the Oscars. There ou can find my article discussing the Best Supporting Actor nominations along with in-depth articles from my fellow bloggers.

- If you mount the LAMB before tomorrow, you can enter to win a movie of your choice from Amazon by picking the Oscar winners. Here are a few more details about the contest.

The Reel Whore site has been undergoing a bit of construction. I've been laying pipe and pounding nails to get things flowing better. Until the final product is revealed, check out my new sidebar entitled "Who's on Top in 2008? (Listing of Best and Worst)." At the behest of my friend and longtime reader Chris, this is a running update of every 2008 film I have seen to date listed, obviously, with the best rising to the top and the dregs settling to the bottom. I have avoided this type of ranking because I feel it's hard to compare films across genres, but I am going to give it a shot.

- Finally, this week's What the Fuck?! moment goes to Lindsay Lohan and her Marilyn Monroe photo shoot. For those who haven't heard, Lohan's need for attention and publicity has evolved into her getting naked while not under the influence, in a 'tasteful' series of photos emulating the late Marilyn Monroe.

I am all for seeing folks naked, especially when they're offering, but she's one chick who can keep it under wraps. I miss the old "Mean Girls" cuteness (and, yes, I realize she was barely eighteen back then). I guess I just prefer my women bubbly and healthy. Now, she's an unbecoming shade of blonde, anemically thin, as curvy as a dragstrip and has a perpetual, doped-up expression. But hey, people think Paris Hilton is attractive - obviously the world is fucked up.

Did you know Marilyn Monroe died six weeks after her famous photo shoot? Does anyone else smell a follow-up publicity stunt from the Lohan camp? Show of hands for how many are hoping for a repeat of history. Don't worry; no one's counting.

- If you're curious to see my Oscar picks, check back this weekend for who I think should, and will, win on Sunday.

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  1. Is there an Oscar party this year?

  2. All these award shows! For me it's been a very busy month with Bafta, Grammy Awards, ELANS, IFMCA and G.A.N.G.

    Sunday is Academy Awards and on Tuesday winners of the Cue Awards are beginning to be announced.

    I think after that, the awards will take a break until October or so.

    As much as I love award shows, it will feel kind of good with a "break" :D