Friday, February 1, 2008

Who Says No to That Face?!

Over Her Dead Body

Release: 02/01/2008
Rated PG-13
1 hour, 35 minutes

Second-Run Seats ($$)

To address those that may ask right off the bat, no, my wife did not drag me to this. In fact, she was just as wary to see Over Her Dead Body as I was. But as my title implies, who wouldn't go see a film with Paul Rudd? If you've been fortunate enough to avoid every trailer for this film let me break it down for you.

Henry, played by Paul Rudd (The Oh in Ohio), is about to get married to Kate, played by Eva Longoria Parker of Desperate Housewives fame. Fortunately for Henry, divine intervention occurs and Kate is crushed on their wedding day. Fast-forward a year; Henry still mourns and lil' sis Chloe, portrayed by Lindsay Sloane (Bring it On), takes him to the psychic Ashley, played by Lake Bell, so the spirit of Kate can tell Henry to move on. What no one realizes is that Kate has been hanging around and when Ashley and Henry begin to fall in love, she uses her supernatural ability for annoyance to rip the union asunder.

If the story sounds lame, I can do you one better...Eva's acting. She has a few convincing moments in the movie, but mostly she seems to be sputtering through her lines while conveying vacant expressions into the camera. And since I can't help but kick a woman when she's down, let's discuss her make-up artist and stylist's need to bronze this woman from head to toe. I really wish I knew who conned the world into thinking a woman with hair color that matches her skin tone is sexy. I'd like to find that person and shellac him into a nice monochromatic stupor. I'm honestly surprised the scleras of Longoria Parker's eyes weren't as bronze as the rest of her. (The sclera is the white of your eye, and, yes, I had to look that up.) But I digress. My point is that she stunk up the place, visually and verbally.

Next in line for the walk of shame is writer Jeff Lowell who decided to take the directorial reigns in hand to craft this comedic masterpiece, as it were. The awkward cuts between characters and too-close close-ups provide evidence a-plenty that this is his first time behind the big-boy camera. The writing isn't terrible; there was just entirely too much filler between the conflict and resolution of the story. Also, I am wondering why Paul Rudd didn't get a writing credit because his lines sounded no different than any of his Reno 911! or Judd Apatow film appearances. I get the feeling I've been giving to much credit to Apatow for utilizing Rudd. Paul Rudd's presence is the sole reason this film ranked a Second-Run Seats rating. I don't think anyone could bestow a Group Rental rating on someone so damned adorable!

On the plus side, the remaining cast does a commendable job although Stephen Root (Office Space) is an utter waste and it's curious to see Jason Biggs (Loser) playing a role a one-legged chimp could play..guess he's fallen farther than I thought.

Dirty Undies
Overall, Over Her Dead Body is pretty tame fare. We never actually witness the crushing of Kate, a definite deduction in my opinion. Kate and Ashley toss some verbal slurs. The best Undies offering is Lake Bell who parades her lady bits for Rudd and the world to see. Granted, we don't get to see the full goods, but those knockers could provide plenty of bass in a chorus of the bells. Oh, I almost forgot to once again mention how damn lovable Paul Rudd is.

The Money Shot
Thanks to the diligent efforts of most of the cast, Over Her Dead Body turns out to be a film that I'd consider to be mildly enjoyable on one of my more positive of days. The story is predictable and not nearly as touching as it thinks it is. Now's the time I'd take my special lady friend to see 27 Dresses again instead of being dragged to this chick flick.

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  1. Excellent review! I was waffling on seeing this - dragging my man to these things uses up a lot of relationship capital. And I remember the period on Desperate Housewives when Eva's skin and hair matched (must have been when she was filming this) and it was actually hard to watch it was so wrong looking. Thanks for pointing out the things that would have annoyed me too! I owe you the $6.50 I would have spent.

  2. WTF are Root and Rudd doing in this tripe?!?! Or, more to the point, what are they doing in a film with Longoria? Ugh.

    I like Rudd a lot, but he's not a miracle worker.

  3. @Jess - I'm glad I could save you some cash and your time. This is definitely one you can save until DVD or even wait to catch it on the TBS premier.

    @Fletch - You are correct sir, Rudd single-handedly improved this story 10-fold and you see it still wasn't enough to make it that great. I assume Root just needed a paycheck, I wish he could get more better work.