Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Other Other Boleyn Girl

I just caught wind of this story, and thanks to a running feature over at Blog Cabins labeled Fun with Sequels, was inspired to post. Turns out the semi-popular film The Other Boleyn Girl, starring the sexy, yum-yum trifecta of Eric Bana-Scarlett Johansson -Natalie Portman, is ripe for the sequel treatment!

The writer of The Other Boleyn Girl has penned another book called The Boleyn Inheritance, which will be the source material for the sequel. Instinctively I recalled the SNL skit featuring Ellen Page called The Other Other Boleyn Girl where Henry VIII not only met the two sisters but also many others. The funniest being Eunice Boleyn, played by Kristen Wiig, who returned from having sex with a horse to meet Henry.

Thinking this skit a perfect meshing of this news and Fletch's feature, I took up the search. After nearly an hour of scouring the internets to find this skit, I give up! The bitch company that NBC is has seemingly removed all links to said skit yet has made no effort to make it available for fans' consumption. For those that missed that wonderfully and aptly titled sequel, I'm sorry I couldn't provide it. But I'll be damned if I scrap this post after wasting so much time. Here's Kristen Wiig in a couple of recent SNL skits:

If you know where I can find The Other Other Boleyn Girl, hook me up!

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  1. It's a tough call, but I think my fave Wiig skit is the one where she plays the fourth member of a surprise party crew that just can't contain herself.

  2. That's a great one. They've had her working overtime. I enjoy her liar character and of course the A-hole chick.

    My fave was her and Seth Rogen as the kids...

    "I said WEEE!"