Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Quickie: The Eye

The Eye

Release: 02.01.2008
DVD Release: 06.03.2008
Rated PG-13
1 hour, 38 minutes

Second-Run Seats ($$)

Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba, Idle Hands) is a blind violinist who undergoes cornea transplant surgery. Once she opens her eyes to the world for the first time since childhood, she sees hazy apparitions that the doctors, her big sis Helen (Parker Posey, Blade: Trinity), and her appointed therapist, Dr. Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola, Face/Off), all attribute to brain-eye communication issues. As the weeks progress, Sydney realizes her visions are a mixture of the donor's memories and visions of the donor's second sight. The latter ability gives the newly sighted Sydney glimpses into the future, lost souls and ferrymen of the dead (a la Ghost).

Ever hear the old adage of getting more than you bargained for? Well, that's what happened to Sydney, but not to the audience. The Eye is just plain boring. Visually, it is interesting with some disconcerting spectral sequences unfolding before our and Sydney's eyes. These visuals are weighed down in a dull plot that can do nothing but drag viewers along desperately to its finale. I blame Gothika writer Sebastian Gutierrez for making me suffer as he did his due diligence.

Surprisingly, Alba does a respectable job making me believe she's blind and a violinist. Nivola sports wood for his comely patient yet simultaneously belittles her at every chance for her ludicrous theory that she's seeing dead people. If I had a therapist that was that big a dick to me, I'd use my new eyes to guide my foot in his crotch before finding a respectful doctor. Supporting actors Parker Posey and Rade Serbedzija (The Fog) are great talents wasted on hollow characters.

Going into the film, I thought it had one of the coolest posters ever. Coming out, I realized that the poster is the only good thing about The Eye. I think I have yet to enjoy any of the Asian horror remakes since this trend started, and I don't know why I expected this to be any different. For all Alba's determination, this is a tedious affair that's not the least bit scary.

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  1. It's certainly one of those movies that everyone passionately loves or hates, haha.

    I guess the things didn't bother me because, after reading novels and comics, playing video games and watching Young Indy - I seem to have a different idea of what Indiana Jones is, and I didn't feel the need for it to perform up to the movie standards i guess

  2. Parker Posey was in this? (And Blade 3) What the hell happened to her career? Ugh.

  3. @Fraze- You're right. It's definitely a love/hate thing from all the buzz I've read

    @Fletch- She was good in Blade 3, ruthless. I wish I knew what's going on with her career. My wife and I watched her TV show - The Return of Jezebel James - all three eps that it ran. Guess we were the only ones. Hate it didn't stick for her but glad it's gone, the canned laughter and lame supporting xters doomed it from the start.