Friday, April 24, 2009

MMM: We're Going Streaking!

I've been focusing on funny tunes for the Monday Mood Music selection these past two weeks, why not make it three? I was reminded of this group while watching the trailer for the strange, but funny looking summer flick, The Hangover. Hangover is about four men who do a bachelor party up big in Vegas only to wake up one member short without any memory of the night's events. It's no Old School, but it has potential.

I mention Old School since it was the last hilarious film I saw by Hangover's director Todd Phillips. Old School had everything going for it; including several great musical numbers. There's the choreographed gymnastics number, a cameo by Snoop Dogg, and who can forget Will Ferrell's touching rendition of Kansas's Dust in the Wind. However, the hands-down funniest musical number was the cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart by the Dan Band.

The Dan Band was formed by comedian Dan Finnerty. They're known for covering songs originally performed by female artists, enhancing the tunes with obscenities and whatnot. Thanks to Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band, I can no longer sit idle when Bonnie Tyler's hit plays. I immediately commence singing along at the top of my lungs. I yell the words so loudly in order to insert the required 'fucking' or 'shit' whenever necessary. Now knowing their version, it makes me wonder how the song ever became a hit without the cussing. Here, in its entirety for your listening enjoyment is:

The Dan Band - Total Eclipse of the Heart

The disturbed looks on the faces of the happy couple during Old School's reception scene is priceless. I can't wait to see what craziness the Dan Band pulls off in The Hangover.

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  1. No love for their Starsky and Hutch appearance? I can't even remember the song off the top of my head, but I know it was wildly inappropriate for the bat mitzfah (sp?) they were performing at.

    They're kind of a one-joke pony, but it's a good joke.

  2. I liked their S&H appearance, I just didn't like S&H. Here's the link:

    You can only squeeze so many lewd comments into a song, but at least they've found their niche and continue to do it well.