Thursday, April 1, 2010

RW Quarterly, Vol. III - Issue 1

Any whore worth his salt knows you have to step back from the daily grind now and again to do a little bookkeeping. The Reel Whore Quarterly indexes all the films I've seen over the last 13 weeks.

Every review I've posted is linked. Films italicized in blue are in the review queue so be sure to check back for those. If a film below deserves a whore-treatment but isn't slated to receive it, request it!

Hard to believe, but we're already a fourth of the way into 2010! My movie watching habits during the first quarter of the year have been quite healthy (relatively speaking); I've seen 44 films. Not too shabby since my addiction to TV on DVD continues. I'm currently slamming my way through Dexter with Breaking Bad, Rome and True Blood waiting in the wings.

What may be surprising with this report is that my in-theater viewing has declined significantly when compared to previous years. This is due, in large part, to the incredibly shitty films that have been offered up the past three months. Hopefully, April will shower us will watchable theatrical content. Be sure to check in Friday for this month's Trailer Trash to see what's coming down the pipe.

SERIOUSLY, if you see a film below that you want my opinion on, chastise me ove rmy slackness and I'll get 'er done.

The Reel Whore's Movies Watched
January 1 to March 31, 2010

01. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
02. Up
03. Where the Wild Things Are
04. He's Just Not That Into You
05. Nine
06. I Love You, Beth Cooper
07. The Road
08. 17 Again
09. Book of Eli
10. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
11. Invictus
12. The Girlfriend Experience
13. The Fourth Kind
14. Attack Girls' Swim Team vs. the Undead
15. Year One
16. Up in the Air
17. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
18. Armored
19. The Young Victoria
20. Bright Star
21. In the Loop
22. Rashomon
23. Wolfman
24. Road Trip: Beer Pong
25. A Single Man
26. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
27. Crazy Heart
28. Shutter Island
29. Fifth Element
30. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
31. The Last Station
32. Repo! The Genetic Opera
33. Uncle Buck
34. Management
35. Universal Soldier: Regeneration
36. It's Complicated
37. Alice in Wonderland
38. Nights in Rodanthe
39. Daybreakers
40. Youth in Revolt
41. The Proposal
42. My Name is Khan
43. Bitch Slap
44. Music & Lyrics

* Movies in Blue are currently in my review queue.

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  1. ....Attack Girl's Swim Team vs The Undead???? Please elaborate!

  2. ^I second that, sir. Please review this. We shelve it all the time at my work (video store), and I'm curious if it's any good.


  3. Wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on The Fifth Element. Plenty of juice for you to squeeze outta that one, I'd imagine...

  4. @Jason & A.P.- Somehow I knew I was going to get a request for Attack Girls' Swim Team. It won't be this week, but I'll give it a thorough treatment next week. Though the title makes it sound simple, it's a little more complicated.

    @Fletch- Fifth Element, will do. Yes, lots to say about FE.