Thursday, April 1, 2010

Huh, Huh, You Said "Poll"

To continue the spirit of my maniacal soapboxing from yesterday, I'm gonna bitch about one more thing that bugs the piss out of me.

For those of you who went to the theater last weekend, how did it feel to have Hollywood shove their grubby little fingers deeper into your honeypot? If you weren't aware of the new shit that has come to light, it was announced last week box office prices country-wide were raised (3-D movies up 8.3%, IMAX movies up 10%, and the 'classic' medium up 4%). Industry people believe consumers are "hungry for 3-D content" while Box Office Mojo President Brandon Gray believes "It's more of an industry push than an audience push, at least currently." Thrice last year I plopped down the extra bucks for the "3-D experience" and my overall conclusion: I wish I hadn't.

I've got lots of reasons to hate on 3-D; First off, not all glasses are as environmentally friendly as others. IMAX sends its glasses through their own on-site sterilization machine enabling them to get about 500 uses out of the glasses. Sounds fairly green to me. Dolby Theaters also have on-site cleaning methods, though their is some skepticism as to their cleanliness.

But if you're like me, your 3-D glasses come prepackaged in plastic (plastic that nearly always finds its way to the trash). Once your enhanced viewing experience is over, most moviegoers "recycle" their glasses in a designated cardboard stand outside the theater.

There are still some people that insist on keeping their glasses under the misguided belief they can save themselves money at the next 3-D affair. Sorry folks, but as a friend of mine learned, you are paying for the "technology," not the glasses. But I digress. If that box is full of used glasses provided by RealD or National Amusements, Inc., they get shipped cross country to recycling centers where they are washed, inspected, repackaged and sent back into the world. How green does that sound?

Granola griping aside, I have a hard time paying an extra $3.50 for a "technology" that allows me to watch movies in a new, excitingly blurry way. I've never gotten physically ill from the 3-D motion onscreen, but I have been sickened knowing I paid more for a less appealing experience. Seriously, if I want to see a flower in all it's three-dimensional glory I will go outside and find one. At least when it sways in the breeze, the image won't get distorted.

Not to mention I already wear glasses, so why the hell would I want to wear two pair of glasses to watch a movie?

Is this Whore just being a bitch? Do you agree that 3-D is more industry hype, or is it the greatest thing since sliced bread to you? For the next few weeks you'll have your chance to let me know. A simple poll, using the Netflix ratings scheme is now up in the sidebar. Here's how they translate:

How do you feel about the 3-D experience?

Love it!!! - More Kool-Aid please!!!
Really Like it! - If the movie is made for 3-D, it's totally worth it!
Like it. - If there's no other choice, I can deal.
Not Interested. - There are 3-D movies?
Don't Like it! - I prefer to keep my hard-earned money!
Hate It!!! - I'd rather gouge my eyes out than support this fad, jerk-ass!!!

Can't wait to hear your opinions on 3-D!

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  1. I'll go see some movies in 3-D, but only if they were made for it like Avatar, Toy Story 3, etc.
    I don't anticipate seeing many movies in 3-D. I barely go to theaters anymore, the experience has gotten awful.

  2. My theater experience has gotten painful, too. Recently saw Youth in Revolt for a $1.50 and the last 1/2 hr some drunk guy sat in the back and yelled obscenities at the screen. WTF?!

    Why should I miss the movie to find a manager and complain? It shouldn't matter that it was the cheap show, there should be some mutual respect for moviegoers. I think 2 out of every 3 movies we saw last summer had some insanely rude people in it. You'd think folks wouldn't waste money on something they're not going to watch. (steps down from soapbox)

  3. i know i'm too late to vote, but i LOATHE all of this 3-D bullsh*t coming out...make it stop!

  4. btw, co-sign on barely going to the theater anymore. i have maybe one good experience out of 10---maybe if michael jackson resurrected in a movie i'd be into it

  5. @IW: Oh how I wish I could make it stop. As long as they can make money on it and ppl can't bootleg it, we'll continue to see it.

    My satisfaction vs frustration at the theater is way out of balance. Used to I had enough good experiences to keep me going, but 2010 has been a shitty year for movies. I don't see it getting any better.