Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There's A Useful Four Letter Word, And You're Full Of It

It’s been a good long while since the vault kicked off a new series, and this one I’ve been holding onto a for while. Say hello to 007 on the 7th, which is exactly as it sounds; whenever a vault posting date falls on the seventh of the month, everyone’s favorite British Secret Service Agent will make an appearance. Premiering thirty-eight years ago in December of 1974, The Man With the Golden Gun is a perfect choice to for December’s 007 selection.

MI6 headquarters receives an ominous calling card, prompting ‘M’ (Bernard Lee) to recall James Bond (Roger Moore) from his mission. A single, solid gold bullet etched with ’007′ names Bond as the next target of the world’s greatest and most elusive assassin, Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee). Raised in the circus as a trick-shot marksman then recruited and trained by the KGB, he is now a hitman-for-hire with a $1,000,000 fee. Bond’s search for the Solex Agitator and its creator is put on hold, leaving Bond free to find his would-be killer before Scaramanga’s golden bullet finds him.


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