Friday, January 18, 2008

Even Men Should Try on 27 Dresses

27 Dresses

Release: 01/18/2008
Rated PG-13
1 hour, 47 minutes


One of the first major releases of 2008 is a romantic comedy that employs the tried-and-true fable of the straw that broke the camel’s back. In this case, the camel is Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up) and her humps, her humps, her lovely lady lumps who stars as Jane, the bestest friend of dozens of brides-to-be, a no-task-too-small assistant to her boss and an all-around doormat. On a hectic wedding evening she crosses the radar of one Kevin Doyle, played by James Marsden (Interstate 60), who finds her compulsive need to help others intriguing and harasses her to glean information for a newspaper story. Meanwhile, Jane’s little sis, Tess, portrayed by Malin Ackerman (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), jets into town and quickly snatches up the only man Jane has eyes for. With a pestering reporter, a needy boss, and a bridezilla sibling, how long before we see Jane go insane?

As I had hoped, “27 Dresses” turned out to be a fun affair. That said, were there moments that were ridiculously over-the-top? Pfft, I can think of a half-dozen without blinking! It’s even end-capped in two bits of foolishness. Is the romantic comedy of coincidences and errors cliché and overused? Absolutely. Are the supporting characters one-dimensional and underused? Without a Doubt. Does any of that matter? Not one damn bit!

Writer Aline Brosh McKenna (Devil Wears Prada), under the direction of Anne Fletcher, crafts a tale that is bitingly funny and inescapably charming. Heigl is perfect at conveying a range of emotions, from goofy to sad to resolute to vindictive. Doing an equally commendable job, as always, is Marsden, who has abandoned his clean-cut image for a rough and casual look. As with any rom-com, there is the grinding of gears as it shifts from cutesy and humorous to gloomy and downtrodden, but Fletcher manages to accomplish this without losing any momentum.

Dirty Undies
One thing that sells this film is the mostly demure yet yummy goodness of Katherine Heigl. And who couldn’t just get lost in those dreamy blue eyes and dimpled smile of James Marsden, especially with his slacker mussed-just-right hair and laid-back swagger? It’s good the main players are so scrumptious because Malin Ackerman, in her unbelievably hideous, knee-length capri pants, looks as anemic as her acting talent. Her scrawny features make Fergie seem overweight.

More than a few choice words are tossed about, but the worst of the bunch are cleverly disguised to appease delicate ears. The only major flaw in “27 Dresses” is that Judy Greer, playing Jane’s best friend, comes out the gate foul-mouthed and raunchy libido blazing only to be yanked into near extinction in the film’s second act. While it helped keep the story tight, too much Greer is never be a bad thing.

The Money Shot
A word of advice to the fellas: if you can withstand the twittering and aww-ing of your armrest neighbors, get off your duff and take your special lady friend to see this film. Not only will this get you mad brownie points for suggesting a “chick flick,” but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ll enjoy it .

P.S. –
I am not sure what’s up with the Fergie references!

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  1. Seriosuly, how much did your wife pay you to write this review?

  2. Nothing, I swear! Occasionally a rom-com will strike the right chord in me. Heart & Souls, The Story of Us both come to mind immediately. Maybe it helps that Dresses was directed and written by women? I dunno.

  3. I really liked the review. Now I can't wait to see the movie. Keep up the good writing!!

  4. My girlfriend went to see this, luckily it was a girls' night thing and I was excused.

  5. I really liked it too! The cheese factor was applied in good ways (though I could have lived without the dress-up montage, except those dresses were horrid). Heigl is good thoughout, and her sister is perfectly narcissitic right to the end.

    Plus, I assume you've been to the insane weddings decribed. This movie was written for a specific group coming of age right now with the insane weddings.

  6. @Sonnie - I hope you enjoy the movie. Don't forget to check back in for the latest!

    @ Adam - I think you missed out, that's all I'm saying.

    @ Jess - I could have done w/o the double wedding at the opening but I guess it was showing how crazy folks are about weddings. I have definitely been to my share in recent years.