Monday, January 18, 2010

MMM: Rules Unbroken

A very happy morning to you stargazers. This Monday Mood Music is going to go against the grain. Usually, I like to wait a while before I revisit a particular artist, unless I'm doing a special showcase. Time to break that rule.

Two weeks ago I mentioned I'd be listening to Katharine McPhee's latest album Unbroken with fingers crossed. As mentioned previously, I feel she is a great singer and was really disappointed that (like with most Idol contestants) her first album was largely forgettable.

After that post an anonymous commenter requested that after I give Unbroken a listen, I update my blog. I aim to please, so anonymous, this one goes out to you.

Katharine McPhee's sophomore album, Unbroken, is leaps and bounds better than her debut. Since buying the album two weeks ago, I've only listened to it all the way through a couple of times. That's because I'm still working through the stack of CD's gifted to me over the holidays, not because I don't like it. On the contrary, it's very easy to listen to. No need to go through a track-by-track critique, but aside from a few tracks in the latter half of the album which seem to wash into the background, Ms. McPhee's return is very strong. Now my fingers are crossed that audiences will give Unbroken the attention and airplay it deserves.

She co-wrote six of the twelve tracks on the album. The following track is one of those. I heard Lifetime a couple of months back on (great music site, btw) and enjoyed it immensely. I hope you do to:

Katharine McPhee - Lifetime

By the by, I've watched Katharine give a few recent performances and I do really like her new shorter hair style. It really complements her lovely features. Her blondness is growing on me, though ever so slowly. What can I say, I dig brunettes.

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