Monday, January 4, 2010

MMM: New Beginnings

Welcome to the first Monday Mood Music of 2010! I deliberated long and hard to decide who should start off the new year, then it hit me. Since the new year is always a time for new beginnings, why not pick an artist who's releasing a new album?

During the first of the three seasons I was forced to watch American Idol in its entirety, this performer made the show tolerable. She was a great singer, and it didn't hurt that she was very easy on the eyes. After having to listen to yet another Chris Daughtry power ballad or watch Taylor Hicks contort into another epileptic performance fit, I could always count on Katharine McPhee to wash away the craziness.

Sadly, her post-Idol career hasn't been as reliable. As runner-up, she released the same bland, cookie-cutter album every Idol female first churns out. It had a few decent songs, but was largely forgettable. Then she moved on to acting. She had a named role in 2008's The House Bunny, then her acting career seemed to vanish.

Now she's back with new music and a new 'do. I like the shorter length to her hair, but the bleach-blond color isn't doing her any favors. Especially when it's slicked back a la eighties in the following video. To each their own I suppose.

Based on this newest single, it sounds like she's trying her hand at the country-pop angle. Not what I'd expect, but it's a new year so why not mix things up? I'll be giving her new album, Unbroken, a listen later this week. Here's hoping it's the awesome album she should have made three years ago. Tell me what you think of her new direction:

Katharine McPhee - Had it All

You know, I'm kinda diggin' it...the tune, not the blond ambition.

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  1. Hope you like "Unbroken". She really shines in some of the songs. Hope you update your blog after you listen to her album.

  2. Does she play the pregnant chick in The House Bunny?

  3. @Anonymous- That's good to hear. Will do.

    @blake- Yep. She's the preggers chick.