Saturday, January 2, 2010

RW Quarterly, Vol. II - Issue 4

Any whore worth his salt knows you have to step back from the daily grind now and again to do a little bookkeeping. The Reel Whore Quarterly indexes all the films I've seen over the last 13 weeks.

Every review I've posted is linked. Films italicized in blue are in the review queue so be sure to check back for those. If a film below deserves a whore-treatment but isn't slated to receive it, request it!

2009 has come and gone. Due to the holiday weekend, I was unable to post my fourth quarter film list on its originally scheduled day. Better late than never, right?

That's a phrase I've said many times these last few months of 2009. As you'll see below, I was not lacking in movie material to review, yet somehow little new content was posted. I feel I got some splainin' to do.

As I mentioned in my previous quarterly, I attributed my delinquency to taking a night class while also working full time (and my increasing addiction to television). Those things in conjunction made it harder to find the time to watch movies, let alone write about them. I kept telling myself, my class would be over by mid-November and the Reel Whore would be back on track.

As you may have noticed, November came and went, yet the review frequency didn't improve.

I guess I got out of the writing habit or perhaps I suffered from the dreaded blogger burnout. Either way, what's passed is past and now it's onto the future. I welcome 2010 with renewed vigor. I am revving my engines to churn out my week-long Confessions where I chronicle the highs and lows of 2009. I know you're excited about that! I also have one helluva meme on the way so, fellow bloggers, stay tuned.

Now, onto my final quarterly statement of 2009:

The Reel Whore's Movies Watched
October 1 to December 31, 2009

112. Zombieland
113. Cast Away
114. Thirst
115. The Informant
116. High Noon
117. Bad Lieutenant
118. Law Abiding Citizen
119. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warrirors
120. Teen Wolf
121. Children of the Corn
122. Paranormal Activity
123. Good Hair
124. Fame
125. Time Traveler's Wife
126. Blood: The Last Vampire
127. Michael Jackson: This Is It
128. Men Who Stare at Goats
129. Siren
130. Southland Tales
131. A Serious Man
132. Coco Avant Chanel
133. Fanboys
134. Bloodsport
135. The Rocker
136. Assassination of a High School President
137. Couples Retreat
138. Fantastic Mr. Fox
139. Ninja Assassin
140. Planet Terror
141. Death Proof
142. Bachelor Party
143. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
144. An Education
145. Precious
146. Black Dynamite
147. Hallmark: A Christmas Carol
148. Life is Hot in Cracktown
149. Christmas Vacation
150. Brothers
151. A Christmas Story
152. Gran Torino
153. The Hangover
154. Sherlock Holmes
155. Dumb and Dumber
156. Jennifer's Body
157. Avatar
158. Drag Me to Hell

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