Monday, January 11, 2010

MMM: Just to be Safe...

Over the weekend, I did a little post-holiday shopping and scooped up a few recent CD's missing from my collection. I still gravitate to actual CDs for certain artists. There's just something comforting about having a tangible catalog of a performer's work taking up space in your home.

Considering I own every album, except The Tour, I had to pick up Mary J. Blige's latest album, Stronger with Each Tear. I do admit, I enjoyed Mary much more in the What's the 411? and My Life years more so than her more recent releases. That's why future purchases now hinge on my enjoyment of this latest album. If it's another forgettable experience for me like Growing Pains was, I may just download only her quality singles in the future.

Until I listen to her latest, I thought it'd be good to remind myself, and you, of her first top 10 single from 1991's Hot 100.

Mary J. Blige - Real Love

Now that brings back some memories.

I do honestly hope her latest album is enjoyable. I'd hate to know I cut her loose on her 39th birthday. If the Christmas party rumors are true, she may do more than slug me!

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