Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rudy Done Growed Up?!?!

No. Don't get it twisted. I'm not talking about this Rudy...

Rudy Huxtable

Who now looks like this...

Keshia Knight Pulliam
(Like Whoa!)

I'm talking about THIS Rudy...

Rudy Gekko

Who now looks like this...

Carey Mulligan
(Not Samantha Morton)

But should have looked like this...

Sean Stone
(I could be Shia's sex toy)

I came upon this revelation last night when revisiting Oliver Stone's 1987 flick, Wall Street. For about thirty-seven seconds, we see Gordon Gekko's chubby little 3-year old son, Rudy Gekko. No biggie, except in the trailers for Stone's upcoming sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Gekko's offspring is Winnie Gekko, a young woman played by Carey Mulligan, who's playing a character roughly the same age as Rudy would be. While her short 'do definitely gives her a boyish charm, I'm not buying it.

I'm curious, how will this be explained?

1. Oliver Stone could say he forgot Gekko's spawn was played by a male actor; except that actor, Sean Stone, is his son which would make the next family dinner pretty awkward.

2. Rudy's mother was played by Sean Young back in 1987, so maybe Carey will pull a gender-bending revelation a la Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on LaBeouf and Douglas.

3. Stone could say Rudy always felt more like a woman and once Gordon went to prison, used a chunk of GG's stashed cash to get the sex reassignment surgery he/she always wanted.

4. She could have been the second Gekko child we never saw in the original film.

I'd almost buy #4 except for these two nitpicks: Carey says to LaBeouf's character, "I never knew my dad as a peaceful person, and that always scared me." Fine, except for Gekko's receipt of his mobile phone from the prison property room. My assumption is he's been imprisoned for roughly twenty years, after a couple years of trials. Even if Carey plays his child, how would she remember jack shit about her dad?

I'm sticking with #2. Do you have any ideas?


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  1. You had me cracking up, I guess they figured no one would remember or care (they don't know you do they) or maybe they'll just say he was playing a girl. Hee.

    Call me dumb, but why do you have not Samantha Morton in parentheses.

    #2 would be cool though, Carey would rock that shit.

  2. I like #3. It's funny that Oliver Stone had his own son play Rudy. Why hire an actor when you've got someone the right age at home?

  3. @Andrew: I just made a weak joke trying to say people would confuse the boyish Mulligan to the boyish Samantha I said, weak.

    I'd be happy if they did #2 or #3.

    @Dodge This: Apparently Stone, hires his kid for many of his movies. Is it free exposure for Sean or free stand-in for Oliver?

  4. I think I gotta go with some sort of variant of #4-lightly touch over some of the inconsistencies with bullshit backstory and hope nobody else brings it up. I hope the whole thing escalates into a patented Oliver Stone conspiracy!

  5. @elgringo: A #4 variation is what I suspect will happen, but Stone could really spruce it up w/ 2 or 3.

    Brolin's xter looks like he'll knee deep in some kind of dirty doings. Maybe Stone will tie him to the Pentaverate; if any group controls the flow of money, it'll be them. :-)

  6. Sean Stone was in about 10 of his father's movies including Mallory's brother in Natural Born Killers. Another sequel he could reprise.

  7. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I noticed his body of work was extensively under dad's supervision. Makes me wonder why pops couldn't have gotten him back in Wall Street?

  8. Sean Stone had a cameo in WS2 as a hedge fund trader.

    But it was really jarring to see him as Mallory's KISS-makeup-faced little brother in Natural Born Killers.

    Perhaps you could have a photo gallery of his appearances in Stone films over the years.

  9. A collage of Sean Stone appearances. That might prove interesting. I don't know that I could name them all.

  10. I watched Any Given Sunday about 80times until I spotted him so good luck with that.