Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Think I Forgot?

Of course not! For those confused, I did not forget to induct a new member into the Spank Bank. See, what had happened was, I started the lengthy, but quite enjoyable selection process, when other, more immediate concerns surfaced.

First and foremost, finalizing my travel plans to the ATL for DragonCon. I will be off shortly to revel in my own geekery and, hopefully, meet former Spank Bank inductee, Summer Glau.

As you can see, when faced with the decision to either write a new Spank Bank column or meet an actual inductee, the choice is rather easy. I just wish I had some sort of physical trophy to present her in honor of being part of such a prestigious group. Hmm, depending on what that would look like, she may not want it!

But, I digress. The newest inductee will be named next week. In the meantime, Julianne Moore can relish the limelight a little longer. I know I won't mind.

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