Monday, October 24, 2011

MMM: Come Back and Haunt Me

95% of the time, I could do without the incessant advertising reel played before movies. I'm not talking about trailers, but the loud, grating mass of interviews, scene snippets about upcoming television shows and movies and commercials about cellphones, cars and random social causes. Even if you don't go to the movies as much as I do, by now I'm sure you've seen this particular commercial which I totally expected to be sponsored by some sort of non-profit foundation, but should not have been surprised when it was a restaurant ad. Maybe it's their environmental message or their song selection, but luckily for Chipotle I'd place their commercial right up there with the Dean Winters' Allstate commercials, in the tolerable 5% of advertising.

I missed my chance to see Willie Nelson in concert last week, so here's a little taste of Willie covering Coldplay while hocking the taste of Chipotle.

Willie Nelson - The Scientist

As a bonus, and in honor of the release of their latest album, here's the original version of The Scientist.

Coldplay - The Scientist

And just because he's awesome, here's Dean Winters in one of my favorite Allstate commercials.

Allstate: "Raccoon" Dean Winters

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