Monday, October 10, 2011

MMM: When We're Spinning

Morning stargazers. I've had a few crazy-busy weeks, but I'm hoping things will start returning to normal today. It better, because the State Fair opens this week and I need time to consume my yearly requirement of fried goodness.

Speaking of being consumed, the fall television season is in full gear and I am as happy as a schoolgirl that the BBC series Luther is back. If you haven't gotten into this show, Netflix is streaming the first season. It's the perfect time to jump on board. Besides there's only six episodes from last season and this season is only four episodes; not a huge commitment.

In the meantime here's the theme song from Luther. This may be a repeat selection, but enjoy it just the same.

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

By the way, this is not the official video for Massive Attack's song, this is. Their video is not safe for work, so it might be best to enjoy it this evening.

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