Friday, March 7, 2008

Huh, huh, you said "Poll"

Hey Stargazers! I thought this comment from my March Gang Bang warranted a more thorough response:

Anonymous said...

"I'm really starting to wonder about your taste in women. You must love that Carly chick on Idol. BTW, when are you gonna give us another poll?"

In regards to Carly "Magically Delicious" Smithson from the Idol, I think she is very talented and cute enough, but if she keeps wearing those funkdafied pants with the waist up to her teets she can kiss her flat arse goodbye.

To address my taste in women and my lack of a new poll, how about I combine the two? The poll to the right lists five of the many, many female candidates in the running for my Spank Bank column. Over the next week, I want you to select which special lady deserves the honor of a Spank Bank profile. If you think you know my tastes all too well, I will also accept write-in suggestions from the comments section of this post.

So there you have it "Anonymous." Happy now?!

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