Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Idol Chatter

It's good to be back. I was absent from the ether nearly all of last week because I was down with the sickness. Picking up a cold (or whatever it was) on top of my usual woes did not make for a fun week. This week, however, I am recovered and the fun is just beginning.

Except for one thorn in my side. Contrary to popular opinion, I do find time for the tele between movie outings. I enjoy a healthy number of shows but there is one show that I could do without if it were not for my wife's addicition. That show is The Idol. For the last three years my wife says she's going to give it up, yet inevitably I am stuck suffering on the couch beside her. I wouldn't watch, but my wife loves my running commentary and affectionate nicknames for the contestants, and values my opinion of who will stay and go from week to week. I stay because my being yearns for constant visual stimuli, and with only a single boob-tube in the house (and in the same room as our PC), The Idol is unavoidable.

So here's my beef with Season 7. The top 12 guys, with the exception of David Cook, are the most androgynous group of guys I've ever seen! If it weren't for the fact that they were singing in the male half of the competition, I'd swear I was watching the women perform. This leads me to my point. Am I the only person out there who thinks Danny Noriega and Jessica Alba were separated at birth? Okay, maybe I exaggerate seeing as how she's eight years older than him, but seriously, couldn't Danny be Jessica's long-lost little sister?

Yeah, yeah, Alba fanatics will be outraged. Danny’s fans probably aren't too happy with me either. All I'm saying is if the boy slid into a dress (which I'm positive he's done before) and did a photo shoot, I wonder how many fellas out there would be slapping the ham to his pictures long before they realize the difference?!

Disagree? Suffer with me during
The Idol tonight and look at Danny with newly opened eyes.

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