Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Than a Mouthful (03.20.2008)

It feels so good to be jacked in again. Work had me traveling into the mountains of North Carolina where I found myself without Internet access for what seemed an eternity! It's not that the technology hadn't reached that far; it was that the hotel's router was fried, and tried as they might, the managers were unable to repair the issue during my stay. Now I'm back, but with days lost, I have to give you a quick and dirty update of the goings and comings.

Oooh, that's huge news!
My blog buddy, Nick, has created a battle bracket of sorts for movie characters over on the LAMB. The first event pits femme fatales nominated by LAMB contributors against one another, and is appropriately titled Sirens of the LAMBs. The first battle, Kyra from Chronicles of Riddick versus Nikita of La Femme Nikita, posted on Monday. Head on over to the LAMB, read the opposing confrontations, and vote for the one you love best! My special lady friend, Baby Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses, has not yet been posted, but I'll let you know when she needs your support!

The Business End:
Thanks to everyone who voted in my Spank Bank poll last week. Though the votes were close, a winner has been chosen from among the contestants and the lucky lady's induction will be posted next week.

Also, I have added a rather nifty button that allows you to share my site with whatever social networking site(s) you frequent. I have yet to try it out (I thought it'd be a bit vain and somewhat kinky to digg myself) so give it a try if you see anything worth sharing!

What the Fuck?!
I have noticed a disturbing trend the last few weeks. It all started with this movie called Bar Starz, followed by Never Back Down, and this week it's Joshua Jackson's Shutter. You may ask, what do these films have in common? The answer: advertising-wise, they all materialized from seemingly nowhere about a week to ten days before their release dates. I assume to some extent I don't frequent the websites and TV channels that promote these movies extensively, but I also wonder if the studios behind these films keep them hidden until the last possible minute. It's a sort of advertising grenade if you will: pull the pin, throw the adverts into the general populace and hope that a shrapnel of the concept lodges into someone's brain before their self-preservation kicks in to steer them away from the poorly-adapted, tween-friendly, Asian horror remake vehicle for Pacey. Duck and Cover!

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  1. LOVING the LAMB button at the end of your posts. What genius did you get that idea from? ;)

    I need to put that bookmarking button on mine as well. Eventually...

  2. That LAMB button is rather swanky isn't it?! I got to remember to thank the creator for it...

    I like the bookmarking button but I think I still have a few bugs to work out on it. That's the case isn't it, always some new fancy thing to add?!