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Huh, huh, you said "Poll" (08.08.08)

I don't know how many of you have heard, but there's a motion picture that's been creating a bit of buzz around the water cooler. I believe it's called The Dark Knight. Thanks to this little movie that could, there have been many posts concerning the next installment. Nick at R2D2 and Matte Havoc both ponder the questions; Who will be the next set of villains to opposed Batman? and which villains, if any, will be returning to combat the caped crusader? Over at He Shot Cyrus, elgringo proposed a valid query; Why don't we have a Robin movie?

The latter question got me thinking. With the landslide success of the Batman franchise, would Warner Brothers, in their usual rush to get yet another superhero franchise launched, use the success of the Batman series to bring one of his minions' stories to light?

Understand me, I'm not advocating adding them into the next installment of the Batman series. (I hear Bale refuses to be Batman if he has to have a Boy Wonder). I am asking which character deserves their own film. The poll is off to the right. Here's your choices:

Dick Grayson
a.k.a. Robin

The first Robin, the sidekick that started it all. A circus performer who watched his parents murdered, he was taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne and quickly began fighting crime by his side. As he ages, he abandons the mantle of Robin to become Nightwing, but that's a whole other story.

Barbara Gordon
a.k.a. Batgirl

Daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon who takes on the mantle of the Bat by her own choosing. Has an on/off relationship with Dick Grayson. Eventually paralyzed by the Joker, yet continues to fight crime as the computer genius, Oracle.

Jason Todd
a.k.a. Robin

The second character to wear the red, yellow and green. Todd was a street orphan that Batman catches trying to jack the Batmobile. He eventually earns his place alongside Batman but his douchebag attitude makes him the target of fanboy ire. The result; he is killed by the Joker...though he's still alive today. Again, that's a whole other story.

Dick Grayson
a.k.a Nightwing

Again with Grayson? Some would argue that watching a young Robin fighting crime would be hella lame so why not kick start the film with the adult years of Grayson. As Nightwing, Grayson balances life as a crimefighter with his day job as a police officer. That's dedication.

Cassandra Cain
a.k.a Batgirl

The second woman to wear the symbol. Cassandra was isolated and raised to be the ultimate assassin by her father. On her first mission, the sinister nature of what she's done causes her to flee. With the help of Oracle she learns to live a normal life. Well, as normal a life a crime fighter with unmatched martial arts skills can have.

Tim Drake
a.k.a. Robin

The third incarnation of Robin is a young man of exceptional skill. With the focus, determination and detective skills of Batman, Drake deduces the identity of Batman to be Bruce Wayne. Over time, issues in his family and his continuing assistance on cases bring him into the fold of the Bat Family.

Comic fans may notice that I left more than a few out of the list. Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), Stephanie Brown (Robin) and even Azrael crossed my mind, but they are more like cousins of the Bat Family than those listed above. Of those listed I have my favorite, but I'll keep it to myself until the votes are tabulated. I can't wait to see the results.

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