Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

In the immortal words of Tony Toni Tone, "do you know what today is...It's Our Anniversary!" Well, technically, it could be called our birthday. One year ago today, the Reel Whore site had its cherry popped with its very first post. I want to thank all of the visitors who have discovered my little corner of the interweb and double thanks to those who have come time and again. In honor of this special day, I decided to pay tribute to my famous cohorts who share this special day.

Happy 50th, Angela Bassett!
(Like a fine wine, you are)

Happy 23rd, Agnes Bruckner!
(23 will be your year)

Happy 54th, James Cameron!
(We're excited about this one)

Happy 46th, Steve Carell!
(Extreme Awesometicity follows)

Happy 28th, Vanessa Carlton!
(Why is she not rocking the huge venues!?)

Happy 78th, Robert Culp!
(Fingers crossed for the Greatest American Hero movie)

Happy 62nd, Lesley Ann Warren!
(Good to see you working again)


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