Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Huh, huh, you said "Poll" (08.27.08)

Your voices have been heard! Wait, don't remember what you were shouting about?

Well stargazers, with all the hub-bub surrounding The Dark Knight I wanted to know which of the Bat minions deserved their own film?

Here's what you decided:

Jason Todd - Robin: 0 votes
Tim Drake - Robin: 0 votes
No surprise here, decades after his introduction Jason Todd is still loathed by the masses. I'm shocked Tim gets no love. Obviously no fans of the Teen Titans cartoon voted.

Dick Grayson - Robin: 1 vote
I have to wonder; are the red, green and yellow tights really a turn off?! Must be, because the combined total for all three Robins amounts to 1 whopping vote. At least the vote went to the original Boy Wonder.

Dick Grayson - Nightwing: 2 votes
Barbara Gordon - Batgirl: 2 votes

Cassandra Cain - Batgirl: 2 votes
The adult Robin seems to sit more favorably with the crowd, or maybe just the idea of an extremely buff crime-fighting man in package-enhancing leggings does the trick. Likewise, the Batgirls tie with Nightwing for second place. Having to choose between a super-intelligent, super-hot redhead or a smokin' Asian woman with mad fighting skills, both in form-fitting leather would be tough.

Herein lies my favorite, Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. I believe her assassin upbringing, pursuit of crime fighting and desire to live a normal life makes for the most easily adaptable story. Her mentor is primarily Barbara Gordon and to a lesser extent Batman, meaning we can still have the hot redhead but avoid making the film all about the Big Bat. Plus, I'd love to see Zhang Ziyi, Vicky Zhao or Iwa Moto poured into black le
ather, beating down any and every baddy she meets. Who wouldn't?!

(I say again, who wouldnt'!)

None, Batman don't need no help!: 3 votes
Unbelievable! You have spoken and the resounding word is keep the Batman movies coming, but please, for the love of all that is holy, stop the god-dambed spin-offs! As long as they continue to make compelling Batman films, let's not mess it up. You have nothing to worry about stargazers. Warner Brothers develops superhero films about as fast as a mountain moves.

The New Poll
Late August through October is normally the time of year when we're knee deep in cheap horror thrills to hype the Halloween season. I was perusing IMDB's coming attractions and noticed, with the exception of Quarantine and Saw V, this year's horror pickings are slim. Since we have nothing accurately labeled as horror, I want to know which of these September-October releases scares the Bejesus out of you?

(How does Trick 'r Treat go straight to DVD? Thanks Warner Brothers!)

Bangkok Dangerous: Nicolas Cage and someone's hair in Bangkok with a gun.
The Family That Preys: The latest, but probably not greatest, Tyler Perry film.
My Best Friend's Girl: Kate Hudson with love interest Jason Biggs?!?
Eagle Eye: Wannabe Saw premise wrapped around a gooey Shia LeBeouf center.
Nights in Rodanthe: With Sparks's help, can Diane Lane make this her third flop in '08?
Beverly Hills Chihuahua: CGI chihuahuas; I think Center Seat said it best.

Now, go vote! The poll will be up until September 5, when the first of these frightening offerings releases.


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  2. Oh, and Bangkok Dangerous. I can't actually say it out loud without throwing up in my mouth a little bit.

  3. Np. I can speak the movie aloud, it's just the hair that makes me queasy.

  4. Hey RW, looking forward to the new poll. It's gonna be tough choosing between the overexposed Shia and the overdue-for-a-hit Cage.
    But what's up with the photos? Did Anna Paquin forgot that she's an Oscar winner?

  5. Hey Dodgethis! There's nothing wrong with Anna slumming for horror, what's wrong is WB snubbing it. Besides she's making a career out of creepy roles lately.

  6. Hmmm...guess what I voted for?

  7. Pretty interesting. I like your break down. You definitely seem to know this stuff and are a true movie whore.

  8. Fletch: Hmmm, I wonder... :-)

    the movie whore: I try. I have to log a lot of hours in the reclined position, but I'm sure you can relate.

  9. That I can. Have the bottle of penicillin next to my chair to deal with receiving gonorrhea of the eye sifting through all the crappy movies to find the gems.

  10. I'm surprised I haven't gone blind from some of the trash I've seen.

  11. Zhao Wei as Catwoman definitely.

    And Trick 'r Treat STV is bullshit.

  12. I thought you'd enjoy the Zhao mention.

    Horror is getting shafted lately. The quality films seem to be taking the brunt.