Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Than a Mouthful (08.06.08)

Hey Stargazers! If you remember about a month back I posted my selections for the LAMBs Top 10 Comedies.

(Venkman's been recruiting again!)

As I completed my third submission into the LAMB Top 10s, I was reminded at how much I suck at generating these lists. I only had a single film in the Top 10 Comedy list, and not surprisingly, it wasn't Booty Call. Prior to my vacation I sloughed through all my favorite action-adventure films and generated the following list:

My LAMB Top 10 Action-Adventure Films (pre-Dark Knight)
10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
09. Batman
08. Batman Begins
07. The Spy Who Loved Me
06. Superman
05. Kill Bill
04. Spider-Man 2
03. Die Hard
02. Robocop
01. Goldfinger

(Bat nipples exclude a film from Top 10 consideration)

If you notice, a whopping three of my selections made the LAMBs final list. Honestly, I could pick ten James Bond films alone that would fill the Top 10 Action/Adventure list. People may poo-poo my list for not having the beloved Star Wars or Lord of the Rings films but I'm sorry those are sci-fi/fantasy and in a whole other category. One could argue the same for superhero films, but whateva!

The current Top 10 voting is devoted to horror. I was surprised as I cast my ballot that some of my favorite films didn't make my own Top 10 cut! (What does that say about the inner workings of my mind?!)

(Undead and cute, a winning combination)

My LAMB Top 10 Horror Films
10. Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors
09. Bubba Ho-tep
08. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
07. Candyman
06. May
05. Army of Darkness
04. American Psycho
03. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
02. Gremlins
01. Silence of the Lambs

(Chillaxin' with the Candyman, aka Tony Todd!)

Even I couldn't believe that not a single installment of Friday the 13th made my list. Both the original and Part VI: Jason Lives were damn close mind you. Also, I love werewolves more than anything yet the Howling got nudged out of the running. None of the Stephen King films made the list, which made my wife ask "has there ever been a truly awesome adaptation of his books?" I made the assumption the Top 10s were to be only theatrical films so the made-for-TV miniseries for Stephen King's IT was not included. That, my friends, is the freakiest thing I've ever seen on television and I've seen Will & Grace. For that matter, it's probably my favorite of the King adaptations.

What do you think about my mind's eye? Did I choose wisely in my Comedy, Action/Adventure and Horror lists or did I make any egregious errors? I took the liberty of filling this post with a few choice photos from my Comic Con trip. I am still fine tuning my albums, but the Reel Whore's complete photo journals will be available very soon.

Mistress Malice: After Dark Horror's Miss Horrorfest 2007
(If you don't comment, I'll send her after you!)

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  1. Don't hate me, but I don't care all that much for the Bond series. Now, before you murder me, keep in mind I'm not saying that I don't like that, just that I don't care. Or is indifference worse?

    That aside, I like your action list a lot. Only other gripe would be that Crusade made it above Raiders, but we've probably been over that all too much already.

    Excellent pics. Isn't that Mrs. Whore (no offense - just using what's obvious) in one of them?

  2. Indifferent to Bond?! We can never speak again sir!

    I can see being indifferent to his escapades. Mrs. Whore had never seen a Bond film until I came into her life. I grew up watching those movies every Sunday night and as a result, loving them.

    I debated long and hard b/w Crusade and Raiders. I have seen every other Indy film this summer except Crusade. Once I sit down and watch that again, my opinion may shift.

    Shhh, don't get me in trouble! Mrs. Whore is not in any of those pics. She was sore at me for hanging all over Elvira's boobage and shooting all these hotties. At least I've got her with a gaggle of Sexy Jesuses.

    Glad you liked the pics. I've got tons more coming.

  3. I guess it's just that I'd never consider putting any Bond film on a top ten list, unless it were a pretty damn specific list (spies, Brits, etc.). They all run together, have the same plot, same devices. They're a good, fun, dumb serial, but that's about it. Oh, and I've always hated that they're PG-13 (perhaps not literally, but figuratively). Oh sure, we can know that the guy beds hundreds of women, but nudity is verboten? Gimme a break. I'm not 11.

  4. You know I agree on the nudity. At least with the last film, we're getting a little closer. Since I grew up on them, they're one of those series I am hard to be objective about. There are several that should never be mentioned in polite society, then there's others that are/were cutting edge. It says something that they've survived this long, esp given some of the missteps.