Monday, February 16, 2009

Huh, huh, You Said "Poll" (02.16.09)

The results are in! With seven out of eight votes, The Dark Knight has been crowned the best film of 2008.

The best, that is, from my #1 choice for each genre listed in My Secret Diary. Those films selected were:

Doomsday, Hamlet 2, Slumdog Millionaire, Quarantine, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Dark Knight and Burn After Reading

A special nod to my wife who no doubt cast the single vote for Hamlet 2, just to give it the love that is so deserves.

In other poll news, I have not forgotten about the January release review I promised. The winning selection, Lakeview Terrace, sits in my DVD player as I type. Expect the review sometime post-Oscar Sunday.

Now it's time for a new poll! I am sure all of you know that today LeVar Burton turns 52.

LeVar Burton has made quite the contribution to television over the years, from Roots to Reading Rainbow. Whether he is endeavoring to teach children the joy of reading or stabilize the Enterprise warp core the question remains; where does your LeVar Burton love originate? The poll will be up for the next two weeks. I can hardly wait to see the results. Don't forget to wish Mr. Burton a happy birthday if you get the chance!

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  1. He popper up a few weeks ago on an episode of The Soup. It was weird, but funny...don't know if you saw it.

  2. I think my voting rights have been violated. Aren't votes supposed to be anonymous?
    Remind me NOT to tell RW who my favorite Levar character is.

  3. @Fletch- I saw the Soup link on his website, but I didn't check it out. Now I must.

    @Dodge This!- It's only anonymous when you don't come home and tell me who you voted for. You won't even need to tell me LeVar, your love of Reading Rainbow makes you transparent!