Thursday, February 12, 2009

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag!

To be more exact, stargazers, this 'new bag' means an updated ratings system and Papa, of course, means that I'm your Daddy! Ahem, anyways. As much as I like to believe, I am not always perfect. When I started this website nearly 250 posts ago, I followed one cardinal rule for my ratings:

"Seven's the key number here. Think about it. 7-Elevens. Seven dwarves. Seven, man, that's the number. Seven chipmunks twirlin' on a branch, eatin' lots of sunflowers on my uncle's ranch."

Thus this system was born:

The Old Ratings System

Full Price ($$$$)
Full Price ($$) <> Matinee ($$)
Matinee ($$)
Matinee ($$) <> Second Run Seats ($)
Second Run Seats ($)
Second Run Seats ($) <> Group Rental ($)
Group Rental ($)

In all honesty, I never really cared for the "<>"symbols and I have come to learn that Blogger doesn't care for repeated "$'s". Blogger frequently removes the duplicates in an effort to "help" my writing.

I declare enough with the "<>", the "$'s" and my obvious fascination with "quotes!" It's 2009 and I think you stargazers need more change you can believe in. One change I won't be making is redoing my pre-2009 reviews...unless I find myself with a wealth of time on my hands (hahaha!). Instead, the following ratings will be effective from 2009 onward, or at least until my fickle ways spur me to change once again.

The New Ratings System

See It, Take a Friend, Buy the DVD!
Full Price
Second Run Seats
A Netflix Night
Group Rental
Read a MuFu'n Book!

I haven't quite worked out what image will replace the "$" but I have a few ideas. I'm also open to suggestions, or criticisms if that's your bag. Enough blathering about the new ratings. Let's put this baby to work!

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. The new system is better.

  2. If only you could create images...I'm thinking of a group of people simultaneously "loving" a DVD, or maybe you paying a theater pimp (box office jockey) full price for a flick?

    Or maybe not. Stick with what ya got. :D

  3. @f-b: Thanks. The old system has been bugging me for a good long while.

    @Fletch: Love those mental images. Too bad I suck so bad at photo editing. I'm sure something will come to mind eventually, but until then words will have to due.