Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Mickey, You So Fine!

Fellow blogger, Monique Elisabeth of Movie Reviews by FAQs, put me on to this awesome clip of Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech at the Spirit Awards. He is the man!

In case you were wondering, this clip is not safe for work.

I totally agree with his Eric Roberts comments.

Also, WTF is up with Philip Seymour Hoffman rocking the 'boggan both here and at the Oscars?!

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  1. I was pretty annoyed with Hoffman when I saw him in the beanie. WTF? Before me know it, he's going to turn into Jack Nicholson, wearing beanies until he forget why.

    But I read a couple articles that claim he's hiding a horrible hairdo required for his current role in Jack Goes Boating. This story smells of BS to me, but here's the story in USA Today, if you have any trust in that publication.

  2. PS - I blame my grammar and spelling on my anger at his dumbass hat.

  3. LOL! Thanks for the 'info' on PSH's beanie.

    No worries on grammar/spelling. If I didn't re-read everything I write, it'd be illegible!

  4. I thought it must have had to do with a part when I saw it...but really, surely he could have found something a bit more stylee.

    By the way, Jack Goes Boating? Sounds perfectly terrible :-(

  5. Yeah, that title could use some work. Maybe he's trying to appeal to the "Rachel Getting Married" crowd.