Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do You Know What Today Is?

Happy Sunday, stargazers! For those of you who may not know, today marks the two-year anniversary of the Reel Whore on the interwebs! It's been two great years, but so much time can take its toll on even the best of us. That's why for my anniversary, I opted for a face lift. Obviously, I also decided to expand a few things. Bigger can be better, right?

No operation is immediately seamless so expect to see slight adjustments around the edges as we continue to tighten those rather unsightly sidebars. Please bear with me.

I am curious to know your immediate reaction to the altered look. My vanity poll is up to the right. Feel free to leave more detailed criticism in the comments. Tune in tomorrow for the regularly scheduled Monday Mood Music.

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Thanks! I wish I could just wave my wand and have it look the way I want, but it's getting there.

  2. Happy blog-a-versay! (Oddly enough, it's my 2 year b-a-v this week too).

    I like the new look, where is that image in your banner from?

  3. Thanks and very Happy blog-a-versary to you too! The image is Rose McGowan from Grindhouse. I've got a couple more I'd like to use, maybe I will finally learn how to create a rotating banner image so I won't have to decide which looks best.

  4. Hey Mister Whore.

    First off, congrats on your fine blogging prowess now standing at two years and secondly, love what you've done with the place, it's looking good.

    Well done mate.

  5. Hey
    You're really spicing things up! Thats a good way to keep relations going strong you know lol. Anyway, I 'm liking the new changes.

  6. @ibetolis- Thank you sir. I aim to please.

    @onesweetmonkey- glad you approve. Sorry I missed your call, but glad you stopped by to check the site.

  7. "Interwebs"? LOL do you watch Craig Ferguson a lot? Love him! And love your new banner! The personification of "dirty undies" I believe ;)

  8. Happy (belated) Blogbirthday, Wayne! Time flies and all that, eh?

    Really digging the new look. I have two comments. First, the text in the header image seems to be either the wrong font or just (slightly) not large enough. Minor, minor issue there. Second, I'm not understanding why you have an Action Flick Chick banner under your own. Nothing against her at all; it just seems out of place and/or there for no reason.

  9. Yes, time has flown by and continues to do so.

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah, the header image text is jacked and I gave up on it. Hopefully this weekend I'll tweak it some more (fingers crossed).

    Same goes for the actionflickchick banner. My goal was to put a long list of banners, sort of a secondary LAMB/blog buddy list, but I got lazy and stopped after I realized I was going to have to go to each and every site to grab the banners. :-) I may drop that whole idea.

  10. @bangagong- I've never watched Craig Ferguson, actually. Thanks for the banner love. Trust me when I say it will only get better.