Monday, August 24, 2009

MMM: And It's Contagious

'Round here, Mondays begin with music. Those who check into this feature regularly may have noticed my tastes can be all over the place. Every once in a while, the Monday Mood Music and my movie lovin' cross paths. Such is the case this week.

After a month of waiting, I finally got to see two of my favorite yummy thespians, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, in their new film (500) Days of Summer. I'll save my critique for later this week, but I love a movie with music that really stands out (in the complementary way, that is). The music of (500) Days is such a soundtrack, spurring me to add it to my wishlist. I'd say I'd run out and buy it, but I have a feeling my wife may walk through the door with a copy within a day or two. I'd pretty much expected to remember the dreaminess of the leads, so coming away whistling several tunes in my head was just a bonus.

As such, this week's selection is the film's first song, Us, by Regina Spektor. Given my unhealthy obsession over piano-playing ladies, I hate to admit that I don't own any of the Soviet-born artist's albums. (500) Days has reminded me that during my next music bender, I will need to remedy this oversight. When digging into the details of this tune, I was surprised to learn that not only was this her second single (in the UK), it was also from her first album back in 2004. I'm much, much farther behind on her discography than I ever realized.

I'm sure you're not interested in my music collection's gaping Spektor hole; you want to hear this queer little ditty. The accompanying video is bizarrely brilliant, though the director may have had more than a slight preoccupation for Ms. Spektor's mouth; a fetish which I, too, have now contracted. Time to pass it along.

Regina Spektor - Us

Have you seen any movie recently where the soundtrack selections have spoken to you?

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  1. Cool song choice. I have Regina's cd Begin to Hope if you need to check it out sometime. I caqn't wait to see (500) Days of Summer.

  2. Your video player isn't loading, but no matter, I know the song...and love it. Easily the standout from the soundtrack, and I've listened to it over and over since seeing the film.

    I had heard of Regina, and had probably heard her music listening to the radio, but I can't say that I really knew the song prior to the movie. Fits it so well...

  3. @onesweetmonkey- Bring it with you this weekend. Don't forget!

    @Fletch- Your PC must suck cuz the player works fine in Firefox & IE. :-) I didn't know this particular tune of hers until (500), but her songs Fidelity and Better are what put her on my radar. I really dug (500)'s music. It had a lot of songs that I'd heard and always meant to buy. How'd you feel about the Hall & Oates interlude?

  4. Well, the vid is showing up now. My laptop might've been a been wonky at the time.

    Anyway, the Hall & Oates interlude...actually worked for me, though I have to say that the best part had nothing to do with the singing and dancing; it was the kickass inclusion of Han Solo that did it. The rest of it reminded me of the song and dance number in Fletch Lives (naturally), right down to Mr. Bluebird on his shoulder. Thieves!! ;)

  5. Forget the music...Gordon is "yummy" isn't he? Always thought so.

  6. @Fletch- The Han Solo moment was kickass. The dance number reminded me of Enchanted, but I guess they too ripped off Fletch Lives.

    @IW- He is yummy, even when looking ragged while pining for Zooey.

    I'd have never thought that kid from 3rd Rock would become such a talented actor. JGL, Michelle Williams of Dawson's Creek, Leo DiCaprio of Growing Pains, just goes to show you never know.