Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Quickie: A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway

Release: 08.07.09
Rated R
1 hour, 37 minutes

Full Price

Cliff (Steve Zahn, Joy Ride) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil), are gathering supplies to embark on a three-day hike along a gorgeous Hawaii trail to a secluded beach. En route they stop for hitchhikers Kale (Chris Hemsworth, Star Trek) and Cleo (Marley Shelton, Death Proof), but Cliff's wariness nixes giving them a lift. Along the trail, they meet Nick (Timothy Olyphant, Hitman) and are told by other hikers that the cops are searching for a couple who murdered some honeymooners back in Honolulu. Sticking with the survivalist Nick seems a good idea, until they meet his better half, Gina (Kiele Sanchez, Stuck on You).

The tagline for A Perfect Getaway effectively sums up the premise; 6 strangers, 2 killers, no getting away. Writer-director David Twohy (The Arrival) flexes mad skills by crafting equally compelling arguments for each couple to be labeled the killers, but is excellent at playing his cards close to his chest. The banter between Cliff, the screenplay writer, and Nick, the self-described American Jedi, is garnished with occasional literary devices; Twohy almost seems to be flaunting his story's excellent structure.

When the truth is revealed, Twohy uses a series of blue-tinged flashbacks to fill in the missing blanks. The washed out color grew off-putting and some of the flashbacks could have been replaced with dialogue in the first two acts had Twohy spent a little less time ingratiating himself.

The final act's action is tight, gruesome and violent, and leaves you wanting more. Having seen way too many movies, it's hard to find a thriller that keeps me riveted, but A Perfect Getaway did just that. To Twohy for accomplishing this feat, may I quote Nick when I say, "Outstanding."

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  1. I might actually have to check this out now if you're saying it's a solid thriller. I was not a fan of it at first because being from Hawaii, I know there are way better thriller and suspense ideas that are even based off of true stories that could be done in that setting.

  2. I don't think Hawaii plays into it too much. Except for maybe one scene, probably any hiking trail would've worked. It kept me engaged nearly all the way through, that's all I can ask for in a thriller.