Friday, May 7, 2010

2010 LAMMYs: For Your Consideration

Fellow LAMBs, did you know the 2010 LAMMYs are in full swing?

If you haven't headed to the polls yet, I would like you to seriously consider Reel Whore for six of the fifteen categories. For one category, Best Overall Post, I took the liberty of recommending my own specific post, Who's That Lady? - It's Mary Lynn Rajskub! since it received a significant number of positive responses, including a tweet from Mary Lynn herself (that made me feel oh so awesome!).

Without further adieu, the Reel Whore humbly presents itself for voting in the following LAMMY categories:

Don't forget, polls close May 12th! Thank you for your consideration.

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. I've got nothing against unions, but I'm starting to wonder if you're in the GAG's pocket, RW!

  2. I got the gag eating out of my pocket (and not just because it's filled with corn)!