Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Huh, Huh, You Said "Poll"

My latest poll has closed and what a turnout! If you're just tuning in and missed it, I asked the question:

Which Reel Whore specialties do it for you?

In an effort to return to my former, variety-rich content, I wanted to know which of my feature posts have you missed most. Turns out, you miss all of them; even some you don't even know!

Of the 14 votes cast:

1 vote just wants more reviews!

3 votes say gimme something new!

4 votes need The Face Punch

4 votes want to know Who's That Lady?

and landing appropriately on top...

6 votes demand more Spank Bank!

Seeing all the love for so many of my features, I will do my best to breathe new life into each and every one over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


As always, once we've had our fill of one poll, it's time to move onto the next one. As a LAMB I am participating in the March to Box Office Madness; the game where we movie buffs try to predict the big summer winners.

The Madness has been underway for over six weeks. Of the 64 films in contention, eight have already opened in theaters. Of those, three releases are from the top, i.e. #1 and #2 positions, of each grouping. Two films are from the bottom, #7 and #8, of each grouping.

What I've noticed is that, with the exception of Iron Man 2, all the contenders currently in play have kind of sucked. The questions that give the Reel Whore that familiar, burning sensation are:

Which huge opener makes you all tingly?

Five Films with Really Big... Expectations:
Prince of Persia
Twilight: Eclipse

Toy Story 3

The A-Team
Sex & the City 2

and question numero dos;

Which bottom feeder sucks hardest?

Six Films with Little... Impact:
The Expendables

Despicable Me


Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Dinner for Schmucks

Choices are limited to films yet to be released from the top and bottom seeds. Enough chatter, get to voting!

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. You needed Inception in the first poll; I picked Toy Story 3, but it was largely by default.

  2. I wanted to put Inception in there, but since I was basing the "big dogs" on the Madness 1s & 2s it didn't make the cut. I wanted to add the 3s, but wifey said that was too much.

    I'm excited about Inception, but I'm still wondering how well it will actually do. Nolan sans the Bat isn't nearly as big a draw.