Monday, May 31, 2010

MMM: Seemingly Appropriate, But Is it?

Afternoon, stargazers! For those who celebrate Memorial Day, I hope it has been a great day. For those who do not observe the holiday, I hope this Monday hasn't been as bad as many Mondays can be.

Many folks have spent their holiday grilling. There won't be any grilling around the Whore house today, but good things will be a-cookin'. Though we won't be fixing that good 'ol American fare of hamburgers and hot dogs, here's a tune that every person should add to their grillin' mix.

Or is it? American singer-songwriter Meiko wrote this little tune called the Hot Dog Song a.k.a. You and Onions Make Me Cry. As she mentions in the video below, the song was inspired by a friend's film project. It's a short, infectious song. And even if it isn't really about scarfing down tasty hot dogs, it's still worth the listen.

Meiko - The Hot Dog Song

To all you grillers out there, enjoy an extra dog for me.

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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