Monday, July 5, 2010

MMM: Crazy Coinkidink

his morning I woke up with a particular song buzzing in my head. Maybe it was planted into my subconscious by my radio as I dozed off last night, but considering the station my bedroom radio is currently dialed to, I doubt that is the case. Either way, I immediately knew this would be my Monday Mood Music.

So how freaky is this? I settle in to dig up a video and do a little background research and what do I discover? Today's artist has a new album dropping this week! Crazy coinkidink? Possibly. It makes me want to post the new single from Kylie Minogue's eleventh album, Aphrodite, but I will instead stick with my original intention.

Though not featured today, check out her new single, All the Lovers. Not being able to embed the video had NOTHING to do with my decision. What is the big deal about embedding videos, anyway? You'd think artists would appreciate the free advertising. But I digress.

Whether she's singing catchy pop-dance music or making appearances in movies like Moulin Rouge! or shows like Doctor Who, I quite enjoy the diminutive Aussie. She's had quite a life; she's appeared on soaps as a child, released nearly a dozen albums, performed at the 2000 Olympics, survived breast cancer, and shows no signs of stopping. There's so much to say about Ms. Minogue. Instead, let's just listen to the song rattling around my brain:

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head

As a bonus, here's a steamy commercial Kylie filmed for Agent Provocateur lingerie which was banned for some crazy reason:

By sight or by sound, I'm sure you won't be able to get Kylie out of your head for the rest of the week.


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