Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Quickie: Toy Story 3

Release: 06.18.10
Rated G
1 hour, 43 minutes

See It, Take a Friend, Buy the DVD!

Andy's all growed up and his favorite childhood toys are worried what their fate will be once he leaves for college. Woody (Tom Hanks, The Simpsons Movie) assures Buzz (Tim Allen, The Santa Clause) and the gang they'll be stored safely away in the attic. When a mix-up finds the gang at the curb, they all jump trash bag for the box, donation box that is, bound for the Sunnyside Daycare where at least they'll be played with. When it turns out their new home isn't all it's cracked up to be, Woody must rescue his friends from a fate worse than the trash bag!

In case you've been stored in a duct tape-sealed box in the attic for the past month unable to hear the latest movie news, Toy Story 3 is about as darn near perfect a film as you're gonna find this summer. Heck, maybe even this year. Over a decade has passed since the previous installment, but right out of the gate, the tale brings audiences up to speed and into the current plight of Andy's favorite toys. The buddies convey their sadness, fear and anger over the changes through excellent animation and voice work (kudos to Michael Keaton's (Multiplicity) Ken and Ned Beatty's (Shooter) Lotso), but never lose their goofy qualities that make them lovable toys.

I appreciate that Pixar doesn't shill for adults the way other animation studios do. They cleverly use adult motifs, like the ominous horror-monster vibe to make a certain toy seem dark and dangerous, but they never overplay their hand. Even Ken's fashion show, while alluding to adult fads, still has a playful silliness kids can dig.

Woody, Buzz and the gang will make you laugh, will have you worried, and you'll fight back the tears watching this whimsical, yet emotionally satisfying tale. It makes me wonder how difficult could it be to produce more films with the same standard of quality. If Toy Story 3 doesn't land a Best Picture nod from the Academy next year, something is seriously wrong with the world.


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  1. I tried stuffing paper into my nose and into my mouth and in my ears to stop the flow. It was hopeless. Toy Story 3 is not only a masterpiece but is the most heart-rending film I have ever seen.

  2. It so is! And it's sneaky, too. It just saunters up all smiles and then punches your heart in its jejunum - impossible to contain the tears.