Friday, July 30, 2010

FMK Friday: The Wives of Mad Men

I dropped the FMK ball last Friday, but now it's time for a new round of Fuck, Marry Kill! Trust me, this new round's pairings were worth waiting the extra week.

To play, I present you my readers, with three people. You must decide which person you'd like to bed, which you'd wed and which you want dead. It's not always as simple as it sounds.

Apparently Round 3's Rising Stars of Community were either not up to snuff, or few people are fans of these fellas. Don't sleep! Despite receiving only five votes, these guys are not to be ignored. Let's see how Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong, and Donald Glover fared:

Fuck Ken,


Taking a closer look at the votes we see:

Fuck Danny & Ken & Donald: Despite Ken winning it all in the individual voting, with my vote all three fellas would be tied for fuckability. It was probably my toughest decision, but I believe Donald's bro rape skills in the bedroom would be too tempting to pass up.

Marry Donald: Even though I'd prefer Donald between the sheets, everyone else wants to marry Mr. Donald Glover. Donald does look sexy sophisticated in his spectacles, but Ken Jeong would have to be the Chuck to my Larry. He's so cute, cuddly and crazy who wouldn't want to fall asleep every night curled up with a little Ken?

Kill Danny: I'm sorry Danny! I think you are super funny and talented, but someone had to take one for the team. Like they say, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes, well, he eats you. Not sure where I was going with that, but Danny had to die and it will be a sadder world with him gone.


Onto Round 4. With Season 4 of Mad Men officially underway what better time to pit the sexy spouses against one another. Why wives and not the more generic ladies, you may ask? Well, Peggy's great, but she's a different class of woman to Joan and Betty. Plus, comparing Peggy to those two would mean I couldn't include Trudy Campbell and who could say no to that adorable face? So, slip on your sharpest rings ladies and let the cat-fight begin!

Fuck, Marry, Kill
The Wives of Mad Men

From left to right:
Betty Draper; Blonde, bitchy and a bit of a booze-hound, but being married to Don Draper is a task no mere housewife could handle. Through it all she still manages to look classy.

Joan Harris; A rep for being a bit of a slut, but she's sly, smart and sassy. Joan's the type of woman you hate to see go, but you love to watch her leave. The doc's lucky to have landed the ultimate ging'.

Trudy Campbell; Trudy's sweet and petite, but I get the feeling Pete doesn't wear the pants in their chic apartment. As lovely as Trudy is, I wouldn't be surprised to find a big harry pair beneath her petticoat.

Round 4 will run for two weeks, I hope that gives everyone ample time to ogle, um, I mean compare, these characters. Choose wisely.


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  1. I'm not on the Mad Men train (yet), but I know one thing for sure - Hendricks would never be the Kill choice for this guy. xoxoxo Christina.

  2. Christina is so hot isn't she?! I remember first seeing her in Firefly as Saffron. I immediately hit the web to check out her 'body of work', but there was nothing. Oh, how the times have changed.

  3. Coitus for all three in my book, in the order you have presented.

    The blonde has it all though.

  4. I agree. This one is going to be my toughest decision. I'm a little sad Trudy aka Alison Brie hasn't gotten much F-love, though.