Monday, July 12, 2010

Screw the Candles, Blow Me!

Just thought you should know two really important things about the sexy hot, super-badassedness known as Michelle Rodriguez:

1) Today, she is 32. If you catch her channeling her inner Rain she'd tell you to "screw the candles, blow me!"

2) Come September, she'll be sharing the big screen alongside Danny Trejo in Machete. Best go get your tickets now, bitches!

Happy Birthday MRod!


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  1. Well said. Well said. I think I'm going to go watch SWAT.

  2. michelle is the ONLY badasstiest b*tch that could keep up with danny trejo (and i mean that in the very best way). Jolie, Alba, Jovovich? phhht-childs play.

    Michelle BRINGS it...i am appreciating her more and more as the years go on.

  3. @blake: Ever see Bloodrayne? I think she'd be the only reason I'd give it a chance.

    @IW: Trejo is truly awesome isn't he? Seeing him paired with Michelle, I can hardly wait.

    @Simon: Glad to see so much love for MRod. I'm getting jealous.

  4. so so so SO excited for Machete! And Michelle looks badass with that eyepatch!

  5. She does look tough as nails with the eyepatch. I just hope it won't adversely affect that tough girl stare of hers.

  6. SWAT! Ahahaha

    Machete is going to be tremendous, though I'll almost be sad if it outgrosses Grindhouse. That just don't seem right.

  7. That would be so wrong. Machete is tops of my must-see Fall list.