Friday, August 27, 2010

FMK Friday: The Siblings of Michael Bluth

Before the final hours of Friday wane, let's crank up another round of Fuck, Marry Kill!

To play I present you, my readers, with three people. You must decide which person you'd like to bed, which you'd wed and which you want dead. It's not always as simple as it sounds.

The theme of Round 5, Little Women, Big Guns, garnered a total of seven votes. I was disappointed to see one contender got no love, but the masses have spoken. Let's see which petite pistol-packin' mama; Rose McGowan, Zoe Saldana, or Gabrielle Anwar, murdered the competition:

Fuck Rose,


Taking a closer look at the votes we see:

While there appears to be a split decision, it's apparent one lady didn't stand a chance.

Fuck Rose or Fuck Zoe: Whaddaya know, voters felt Rose was good to go. There wouldn't have been a tie except I chose to bed Zoe instead of Rose. I agree with Alex of Film Forager, Zoe's way hot and worthy of a toss and tumble, but she's got a cold, impersonal vibe.

Marry Rose or Marry Zoe: Most voted to wed Zoe, but Rose is the total package. She's got the rough and tough attitude with a soft, cuddly exterior. Alex is all about snuggling up next to a warm machine gun leg muzzle as long as it keeps him safe from the zombies. Me, I love a good laugh, and Rose has the makings of a great stand-up comic.

Kill Gabrielle: From this point on, we best all sleep with one eye open. I don't think Gabrielle will be none too happy that she didn't win over our affections. I love Burn Notice and Gabrielle rocks as the trigger happy ex-girlfriend,Fiona. Please don't hurt us, Ms. Anwar.


Welcome to Round 6. September is right around the corner and with it comes the new Fall TV lineup. I've watched a good bit of the previews, and these upcoming "events" make my head hurt. At least there are some great shows returning. Still, it got me reminiscing about shows taken from us too soon and the great characters we lost. While the new 2010 shows vie for your affections, let's see how the sibling rivalry from one of TV's greatest dysfunctional families plays out!

Fuck, Marry, Kill
The Siblings of Michael Bluth

From left to right
Lindsay Bluth F√ľnke; Self-proclaimed activist, Lindsay seems to look for love in all the wrong places. Who can blame her? It's tough to be married to a never-nude, analrapist.

George 'Gob' Bluth II; President of the Bluth Company, founder of the Magician's Alliance, part-time magician and ventriloquist; it may sound like Gob has it all. Really, he's just looking to be intimate with someone besides Franklin.

Byron "Buster" Bluth; Buster's a learned scholar, but a bit of a mama's boy. He may seem socially awkward, but he's got proven skills when it comes to wooing the more mature ladies.

Round 6 will run until September 23rd. That gives you four weeks to decide which Bluth is right for you. A tough decision and one that may come down to whose chicken dance you prefer most.

Choose wisely.

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