Thursday, October 1, 2009

Huh, Huh, You Said "Poll"

Thank you, stargazers! The Patrick Swayze Poll had the best response of any to date! I know Mr. Swayze's popularity had a lot to do with it, but I'd like to think it was a worthy poll.

As you can see there was love for nearly all of the Swayze films listed. Well, except for Uncommon Valor. I guess watching Swayze get his ass handed to him by Tex Cobb wasn't anyone's bag. With only 1 vote, Next of Kin and Red Dawn must have only been faves around my childhood home.

The race for his most beloved film ended in a three-way tie between Dirty Dancing, Point Break and Road House each garnering 7 votes. Since I am the poll administrator, the duty of declaring a winner falls to me. I hereby proclaim Road House to be his most popular film. That's right, I'm putting Baby AND Keanu in that corner! Got a problem with it? Take it up with Dalton and Wade.

Time for a new poll. I know it's only the first of October, but I've been in Halloween mode for a couple of weeks now. I've somehow managed not to decorate the house with cadavers and cobwebs just yet. I have started churning about theme ideas for this year's Week of Reel WHorror!

Considering all the post possibilities got me thinking about my earliest exposure to the creepys and crawlys associated with Halloween.

Long before I knew who Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Jigsaw and the Candyman were, it was the classic creatures that fascinated me. Long before vampires sparkled like diamonds, I was tuning into any show that dealt with monsters; Dark Shadows, The Munsters, Werewolf, Scooby-Doo.

This begs the question: what's your monster fetish? Do vampires make your blood boil with excitement? Do witches cast a spell over you? Do werewolves make your hair stand on end? Of all the major monsters - Demons, Golems (Frankenstein & family), Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, or Zombies - which do you dig most?

"Sorry Uncle Gilbert, lagoon creatures were never really that popular."

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